Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Fun

We didn't get to make our rice balls yesterday as both boys have the stomach 'flu'. We lounged around together and made the best of our day. Papa came home early from work which was a nice surprise for all of us. We watched a movie together before the boys went to bed. They slept for almost three hours before the vomiting began again. So much for wishing for a 24 hour bug. They are lounging on the couch now, drinking juice. Mama is extremely short on sleep since she only got one hour of sleep before being woken by crying boys. Thankfully we all got a couple hours earlier this morning. All the same I think I will wake Nate pretty soon so I can have a little nap :-)

Here is our snowman building from the day before yesterday.

The snow was so powdery at first we didn't think we were going to have a snowman of any size.

Grandma donated a scarf and hat to the cause...

The powdery snow packed in such a way as to make inserting a nose and eyes next to impossible. We shortened the nose considerably and still had trouble making it stick. :)


Baby Jubilee is getting cold.

Cousins portrait :-)


Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Oh, the snowman's so cute! I'm sorry the kids are sick! I hope you get some sleep soon and everyone's well in time for Christmas!

Two years ago my kids woke up throwing up at 5 a.m. on Christmas morning. They were too ill to care about their presents. That will forever be known in our house as The Worst Christmas Ever.

princessmama said...

Thanks:) We are getting better now. The boys are pretty tired and mama has a sore tummy, but I think we will all be well in time for Christmas. I'm thinking of all the cooking and present wrapping I have left and I get a little nervous lol.

Last year we had the stomach bug on christmas eve and my brother's family had it on christmas, so at least we are getting it done ahead of time this year...