Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This Boys LOVES to Talk!!! :-)

He's even told my it's one of his top favorite activities! LOL :-D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Planets Have Realigned, The Cosmos Are In Order, All Is Well...

Yep. I found my camera battery charger.

No, I don't want to talk about it.

Remember the baby skunk I mentioned seeing the other day? We've been seeing him every day since. And his five siblings. We wondered if mama had been hit by a car or eaten by something... Today when Aunt Marci went up to see the babies three of them ran out of the weeds and started to suck vigorously on her toes. That did it, Grandfather and Marci gathered them up and brought them down. Marci, Grandma and I worked at feeding them a little milk. One of the babies felt cold and would not swallow. Grandfather and Marci took them to Wildlife Images, a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

Somehow Grandfather convinced Brannon to pic one up long enough for a picture. I was rather surprised B went for it actually. That look on his face though...LOL!

Great-Grandma even got in on the skunk petting; and reminisced about a pet skunk they had.
Baby Jubilee was fascinated and had to be kept from grabbing :)

Ahh, much more comfortable a safe distance away ;-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Now I'm Extra Upset About Not Having A Camera!!!

Because of what stopped me in my tracks on the way back from letting the chickens out of their coop this afternoon. Something not much bigger than my now-chubby ducklings...

Something I smelled very strongly all around the coop yesterday...

I paused for a moment then took another route back to the house, by way of my in-law's yard...

I really did not want to walk through that jungle of a path this evening...

I caught another glimpse this evening on the way up to give my birds their evening "snack" of yogurt and fruit/veggie scraps collected today. Under an old mobile home/trailer thingy that's just past and on the other side of that vw in the previous post. Well, now we know where our family of skunks is living this year.

At least it's not under our house...

Fun At Lithia Park

A super fun jungle gym
Brannon's face says it all...can you tell the boy is not a fan of heights?
On the third try my brave little climber made it all the way to the top. He paused for a while just before tackling that last little bit...
Triumph! Mama did not have a heart attack, but big brother nearly did...
Here he is calming down. Seriously!! :-)
Matt, you would have liked this part too ;-)

On a sad note---I cannot find my camera battery charger at the moment. It is my own dang fault!!!! Since I never put it in the same place twice................... Don't say anything!!! I already know :-( So, I have zero battery power right now. Not a happy thing :'(

Friday, June 5, 2009

Swimming With Dinosaurs And Cows!

We let the ducks out of their pen/cage to play with us today. They love to be out and they love the company :)
They like to drink out of the hose :-)

Watcha doin?

And we had miss Haylie over today. She had a great time getting dirty with the boys

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thought I'd Show You All The Beautiful Walk To My Chicken Coop :)

Hi all! :-) I have a lovely walk to my chicken coop every day. At least twice, more if I don't have Brannon do the morning food and water check and take scraps up for me.

The first pic is from my kitchen steps
This one is from the white shed you can see in the first pic

From the wood stove made of barrels (by the blue vw)
The boys and I spent a morning while our chicks were small clearing this little path. It has become rather overgrown since then, time for a trim :)

One view from the cedar... can you see the coop yet?
A little closer...there it is!
And here's the path from the cedar, you can see what I mean about needing a trim...
And, here we are!
Happy chickens...

A spider I found by the side of the path
As I walked back from taking pictures I heard a happy little voice singing "Yo-ho! Yo-ho!" :-D This is what I found...
Big brother was singing happily too...
Joshua was even happier when Brother finally came outside with him :-)