Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun At Lithia Park

A super fun jungle gym
Brannon's face says it all...can you tell the boy is not a fan of heights?
On the third try my brave little climber made it all the way to the top. He paused for a while just before tackling that last little bit...
Triumph! Mama did not have a heart attack, but big brother nearly did...
Here he is calming down. Seriously!! :-)
Matt, you would have liked this part too ;-)

On a sad note---I cannot find my camera battery charger at the moment. It is my own dang fault!!!! Since I never put it in the same place twice................... Don't say anything!!! I already know :-( So, I have zero battery power right now. Not a happy thing :'(


Matthew said...

Somehow I missed this blog before. That looks like tons of fun. Emily told me about it too. I would love to go there with Nate sometime.

princessmama said...

We should make a date :)