Sunday, August 19, 2012

Celtic Highland Games

Yesterday we had the immense treat of driving up to the Celtic games put on each summer by the Douglas County Scottish Society

First off we watched some fellows (and a couple gals) throwing heavy weights around

 The younger boys got bored with that pretty quick and started some wrestling
 Brannon climbing a tree between contestants
 We missed the adult edged weapons competition and I didn't get any pics of the youth competing. Brannon was inspired to start practicing archery again after watching them. There was shooting, throwing knives and axes, cutting a rope with a sword and whacking at a wooden knight holding a shield. Nate is hoping he and Brannon can practice some this year and enter the competition next year.

Joshua was really fascinated with the blacksmith booth. I liked the iron roses and a walking stick with an iron wolf head on top. There was also neat octopus and some really amazingly detailed oak leaves. Joshua of course liked the knives and swords.

 After eating lunch we stopped at a booth where a very kind gentleman let the boys try on helmets and armor he had made. He works for days and weeks on each piece.

Blaizen enjoying the helmet

 Joshua having a turn

That is one excited smile! Very cool kid-sized breastplate too

 Apparently this style of helmet which is believed to be Spanish by most folks was used all over Europe and in Britain as well

 Finally got to hold the big sword (a not sharpened one!) with a grownup "helping". He kept saying "Can I hold it now?" even though it was in his hands. He wanted full control :)
 Sweet little face

 Joshua gets to try on the breastplate too
 And the jousting helmet which goes on top of the other
 Are you in there?
 All very exciting...
 Especially the sword!

We found some shade to lay our picnic blanket out in and lounged about cooling off and having story time, with some nice music in the background
 And colorful folks all around

Then a band Nate really wanted to see came on the large stage and so we shifted hang out spots. This band was called Brothers and was a mix of Celtic and 'tribal'.

Didgeridoos! Of course Nate couldn't wait to watch them :)

 Tartan finery 

 I forgot to wear my McIntyre tartan scarf, but it was so hot I think it would have been uncomfortable however I wore it. I wore my McIntyre crest necklace though, so I had Some clan pride going on at least :) 

Checking out fun clan crest stuff
 Cooling off in the misters 

 Some ladies were enjoying the music by dancing 

 Sword defense demonstration
 Followed by a sword fight
 The boys enjoyed this one a lot :) 

 I really wanted to try one of these, but didn't want to eat the wheat...

All in all it was a fun day, although coming at the end of a busy week everybody was bit fried and we ended up leaving earlier than planned. Maybe next year we will remember to plan ahead. We are thinking of camping next to the park and staying the weekend next time, especially if Brannon is doing the youth competition. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Woodland Ramble

My fav woodland tree-- a Madrone or Pacific madrone I guess :)
 Madrone bark and leaves

 Good little hiker, he was quite the trooper
 Doug fir, lower branches

 Brannon and Joshua's favorite Blaizen face :D Usually accompanied by "Whaaaaaat?" lol

 Madrone leaves
 Hawk (I was so bummed, there were two circling above us and they lined themselves up beautifully in my lens, Once. I couldn't focus fast enough) Glad I got this pic though.