Monday, February 25, 2013

My Baby Turns 9

Our family custom of doing something just the four (now five) of us on the actual birthday was a little askew this year. We were fortunate enough to have Nate home the day before Joshua's birthday so that's when we did our "just us" celebration. Everyone happened to be So tired and cranky that day we ended up on a pretty miserable note. But it started out well enough, with our boy being as easy to please as ever:

 His money we gave him in homemade coupon form to be spent on games, audiobooks, or music. He surprised us though and asked me to put it in his saving jar. He has a special goal in mind and has been much more focused on it than he ever has before. Normally he "saves" for an item until he sees something he wants to buy Now. My boy who I always said if he was offered one marshmallow now or two later would always choose the one now seems to be growing up :)

Nearly a week after his birthday we got to have his "big" party. He wanted a pirate theme and lots of deserts. Here we have ship rats, the briny deep (blue jello with gummy fish), pirate slop (cookie dough dip) and rum (root beer and cola).

 We also had 'squid' hot dogs, lasagna, broccoli and cheese sauce, and salad. Yum! Grandma Karen and Grandma Jackie both helped make lunch (Thanks so much!). And Joshua helped make the fondant rats for his cupcakes the day before. He was Very tired of the process before we were through ;)

My Grandma and Grandpa graciously agreed to have us use their home at almost the last minute when our previous plans needed to change :) 

 Joshua was so glad his friend Ian's family got to come celebrate with us. Blaizen, Annalise and Danielle(not in the pic) were having a great time playing together.

 Treasure hunt time! Papa paced all over the yard writing down directions and clues while the kids were playing in the back. Now we're getting started. "Turn 90 degrees to your left. Now go twenty paces."

 Papa paced out "kid-sized" paces and the kids kept overshooting where he expected them to be :D

 How to we go 25 paces from here! The car is in the way!!
Ok, we went around the car, now where?

And all over the yard we go...

 Dads ♥

 The last two were So funny, because the one before they went Way off course just by walking in a big curved line instead of straight. Nate decided not to correct them right away and somehow...

They ended up right at the treasure :)

First their was a bit of a mad scramble when the treasure box was opened and Papa shouted "You guys are acting like Pirates!" There was a general laugh. Then I said "Everybody back up and let the birthday boy in."
Joshua had a great time distributing treasure. 

 And then they were off to see Grandpa's chickens :)

 And a good time was had by all! Thanks to everyone who made Joshua's party possible. Love ya!