Thursday, August 2, 2012


Independence Day shenanigans...

 Those ear muffs sure came in handy the first couple weeks. Blaizen was always shouting about everything hurting his ears, so we'd say "Well, go get your ear protection"
 Impromptu family trip to the beach (with friends too :)

 Driftwood boats anyone?

Squirt gun fight (apparently kites make good shields)...
 (stopping to "smell" the roses) do boxes intended to resemble robot heads...
 Fits right in, he does ;-)

 Mama and two babies

 Meeting more new cousins all the time! Blaizen and Jubilee get along "Like a house on fire" as Uncle John says (complete with Aussie accent) :) They play together for Ages without a single argument (happy news for us Mamas)
 My Brannon, getting so big :( (I mean... :) ) lol
 MORE cousins :D  (notice Snow White with a shotgun :P)

 "Quick Mom, take a picture of us like this!" only, big brother is not cooperating so well
 Take my picture too, and I'd much rather make silly faces than smile, thanks
 Got to hang out with my sis at a playground a few days ago. Of course, the kiddos found trees to climb :)

 Baby Kai! Such a sweet little smooshie girlie :D
And there you have it. July. Well, not counting popsicles (lots and lots of homemade popsicles) and naps and baths and one trip to the river. And lots of adjusting. Some sad days and mad days. But mostly good summer days...

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