Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adding On

What's new around here? About a month ago we added on to our family! We now have three boys as we are taking care of a four year old relative of mine
 Meet Blaizen Jack :)
 This pic was taken on his first day at our house, we are exploring the garden for the first time.

 And the second day, enjoying some park time with Joshua and me :)
It's been quite a journey and I will share more as I am able. Right now suffice it to say it has been a challenge getting used to a littler guy in the house. We were quite cozy and set in our ways around here and suddenly having someone who requires a whole lot of attention to keep busy has been stretching us all :) I keep reminding my older little fellows that we're not here on Earth to be comfortable and if there is someone in need of our help we're going to help. Not to mention we're having quite a bit of fun too ;-)


Momma Bug said...

Awe... You're my hero, friend! Not to mention that he's a darlin for sure!
Lucky lady, you.

SarahS said...

Lucky indeed :) He's super sweet :)