Monday, November 22, 2010

Yet More Cyclocross Pics--And Three Super Cute Little Boys:)

Last race of the Southern Oregon Outlaw series. Nate was working so he wasn't there, but I had fun watching Janis and Bear, and taking pictures of kiddos and visiting with Lorna :)

'B' getting ready to start
Off they go...

If you have to make something visible, why not have fun with it:)
Ed keeping score and boys wrestling in the leaves. I was glad there was a convenient leaf pile And a gravel pile right by the start/finish so the boys were happy hanging out near me instead of jonesing for the playground
Brother Love

Elijah. So cute!!! He had so much fun walking back and forth through puddles and leaves. Walking is fairly new for him and he was having a great time:)
'A' getting ready to start

Running up some stairs

So fun to have big boys to play with:)

More Brother Love

And look who got to be on channel 12 news:) Lorna said "Oh look, Bear gets to talk. How nice for him" Lol! He does like to talk. And the piece on cyclocross on the eleven o'clock news came out very nicely, I enjoyed watching it (recorded and watched the next day though:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm actually going to scream I think. Why can I suddenly not drag my pictures down the page to where I want them??? *Sigh*

Anyhoo, out of order or not, here are some more cyclocross pics...

Lovin' the double lines once again--signs and cyclists:)

"A" group's run start

"C" group getting ready to start

More from Saturday's cyclocross. It was Nate's second and last opportunity to race cross this year:( He was actually dreading this course as he really didn't enjoy it the past two years, but they changed it up this year and he really enjoyed it. Joshua loves to run alongside his Papa while he cheers for him :D

The "Vortex"
The weather's so obliging to give us this puddle across the road every year, lol...
This was the only spot on the course where you really Had to pick up your bike. There were some little teeny barriers you could ride over. Also most people carried their bike around the center of the vortex because it was faster.
Gotta love those perchable trees :)


Well, it let me upload 3 pics...
Joshua thoughtfully procured free hand warmers for his mama. He's shaking them up to activate the chemicals. Reminds me of glow-sticks :)
And here's Bear. See the all the ribbons and riders behind him? They had set up this spiral where you rode round and round and round until you got to the middle, then round and round and round back out the other side.

I like this picture a lot:) I do wish I had been able to get a clear focus, at least on the lead rider. I guess I just need to keep practicing my picture taking skills, lol!

And that's all for today. Maybe tomorrow you'll get some pics of NATE racing. If I can upload pictures. We'll see...

Monday, November 8, 2010


Still no pictures allowed

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cyclocross Pics...

Well, I meant to post a lot more pics. I was going to put up the Halloween Cross pics and, of course, the rest of yesterday's cross. For whatever reason, internet connection or something going on with blogger I can't load any more pics today...

Here's Janis with her ever-present smile :)
Nate couldn't make it yesterday. He was so sad because CX is his favorite race and yesterday was his favorite course. Janis had a great time, it was her first cx and when Nate called on his lunch break I had her talk to him and tell him how much fun she had. Her excitement made him smile at least. And our beloved Sue, who moved away this summer was down for a visit! Yay for all of us:)
The experts 'get' to run start. They lay their bikes down at the starting line and back up however far they're told then on 'go' they run to their bikes...
I put both of these next two because I like them both, so you get both even though they're a bit redundant... Um, they're of Bear, of course ;)

Sue, cheering Bear on
I have no idea who any of these guys are, I was just struck by the line of blue
Adam (I'm told) and Tom. Tom is the other ever-smiling one on the team. I loved this moment. Adam was bright red, struggling through the mud, out of breath...and he knew it was Tom behind him and started yelling encouragement while Tom was still behind him. Note that they are on different teams! I LOVE what I've seen of the cycling community in our area.
I just like this picture. I see I didn't put the one on here where he's head on and looking right at me. Or the one near the end where he's obviously in pain. It's good pain though. Exercise pain. Ha. Except it doesn't feel good, whatever you call it :P
Brannon and Wyatt
Well, I wish I had more for you. Maybe tomorrow. I'm planning to pick my bike up again this week after nearly a month off of it. I've been mildly ill a lot. I feel so gross not exercising, I can't wait to get back to it. But I'm kind of scared to. Scared of burning lungs, and shuddering weakness, and being exhausted after at first... *Sigh*