Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm actually going to scream I think. Why can I suddenly not drag my pictures down the page to where I want them??? *Sigh*

Anyhoo, out of order or not, here are some more cyclocross pics...

Lovin' the double lines once again--signs and cyclists:)

"A" group's run start

"C" group getting ready to start

More from Saturday's cyclocross. It was Nate's second and last opportunity to race cross this year:( He was actually dreading this course as he really didn't enjoy it the past two years, but they changed it up this year and he really enjoyed it. Joshua loves to run alongside his Papa while he cheers for him :D

The "Vortex"
The weather's so obliging to give us this puddle across the road every year, lol...
This was the only spot on the course where you really Had to pick up your bike. There were some little teeny barriers you could ride over. Also most people carried their bike around the center of the vortex because it was faster.
Gotta love those perchable trees :)

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