Monday, November 22, 2010

Yet More Cyclocross Pics--And Three Super Cute Little Boys:)

Last race of the Southern Oregon Outlaw series. Nate was working so he wasn't there, but I had fun watching Janis and Bear, and taking pictures of kiddos and visiting with Lorna :)

'B' getting ready to start
Off they go...

If you have to make something visible, why not have fun with it:)
Ed keeping score and boys wrestling in the leaves. I was glad there was a convenient leaf pile And a gravel pile right by the start/finish so the boys were happy hanging out near me instead of jonesing for the playground
Brother Love

Elijah. So cute!!! He had so much fun walking back and forth through puddles and leaves. Walking is fairly new for him and he was having a great time:)
'A' getting ready to start

Running up some stairs

So fun to have big boys to play with:)

More Brother Love

And look who got to be on channel 12 news:) Lorna said "Oh look, Bear gets to talk. How nice for him" Lol! He does like to talk. And the piece on cyclocross on the eleven o'clock news came out very nicely, I enjoyed watching it (recorded and watched the next day though:)

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