Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mushroom Hunt!

But first: The Birthday Boy!!! Brannon is ten years old today:)
We spent an hour or so tromping around seeing how many mushrooms we could spot. There were hundreds and hundreds, and we didn't even get very far from the house. Here are a "few" (haha. The term is relative, as you will see as you scroll down, and down and down...) of the ones we found. I'm hoping we get out again Thursday or Friday to look for more.

These guys are pretty clear in the picture but we almost missed them right under our feet...
A False Morel...
Lots and lots of teeny-tiny guys
Joshua took the prize for the "most camouflage" mushroom. Can you spot it?
Here it is...

Not just the picture, these guys were really purple

Papa carried a couple of his finds around for a while. I suggested the boys Not do so, not knowing exactly how poisonous some of them might be
Not a mushroom, but still pretty fascinating. It looks like a moth cocoon to me. On the other side you could see the indentation where it used to be attached to a twig

Some of the mushrooms actually look like they are luminescent, in the pictures, not to the naked eye...

Brightest color we found today. Not as bright as the yellow ones we found last year. Neat orange color though

Mushroom hunters
There's one similar to this in our book called 'stinky squid'

We have Lots and Lots of these...

Very happy mushroom hunter/dancer-in-the-sunshine!
More luminescence...

This was how we remembered to go mushroom hunting--we'd see these beauties every time we went down or up the driveway

Remember how I said Nate was holding a couple mushrooms for a while? Well, this is one of the types he picked up early on. And discovered it's covered in a mucous-like slime that makes it very unpleasant to hang onto. We presume all the dead bugs are suffocated in slime. But why does the mushroom make slime? If we identify this one I'll let you know (supposing I remember to do so...)

Mama takes the prize for the "funkiest" mushroom found today. Just when some were losing interest too:) I'm thinking this may be one of the edible types? Not that I'm volunteering to try it. White button mushrooms from the grocery store are about as adventurous as I'm willing to go with fungi.

Is this the start of one of those purply pine-conish things that grows out of the ground around he

The only puff-ball type we saw today. Usually we see plenty of white ones. And sometimes grayish ones full of nasty black ooze. I don't think I've ever seen this color...

And that was our mushroom adventure on Brannon's birthday:)


Matthew said...

Sure looks like fun! There is an awful lot of fungus among us. You can see from these pics why they are used in a lot of fantasy stories.

SarahS said...

And just think of all the ones we didn't or couldn't see!! They are pretty fascinating:)