Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's been so long since I've actually written anything on here. I've found it difficult to express my thoughts lately. And, also, we've been sick a lot, so I haven't felt like writing. I tell myself I ought to write anyway, but...

I just experienced a very painful illness, that fortunately was not contagious. I ended up having my mom pick me up to take me to Urgent Care yesterday. Nate was at one of the fire stations doing some training. He doesn't take his phone in to work with him, obviously and I found out in the midst of an emergency that I had no idea how to get a message to him. I left a few messages on his phone, hoping he'd check it at lunch. No luck there. My thought processes were very sluggish by the time we were headed to the doctor, I couldn't even remember which station my hubby said he'd be at. My mom called a dear friend, Janis and told her the situation. She stopped at the fire station nearest her and told them who she was looking for and why. They called the station Nate was at and he was able to come meet us right away. I said to Mom after she got off the phone with Janis, "It's so great to have friends!"

I definitely felt all my family's and friend's prayers yesterday. By the time I saw a doctor the pain and nausea I was feeling had subsided greatly and the prognosis was much less dire than we had guessed it would be! "All my confidence is in You, O Lord! No wonder I can sing Your praises!" {Thank You Daddy so much for touching me and healing me yesterday! I love You!} And while I was sitting in the car waiting for Nate to pick up my prescriptions the sun broke through the clouds for just a moment and shone right in my face, an amazing blaze of light and warmth. My heavenly Daddy saying "Hi there. I'm thinking about you:)"

While I'm sad to be missing church yet again this morning, I'm enjoying the rest and the bits of blue sky outside my window. I'm thinking I'll take a little stroll pretty soon. Maybe check up on my chickens or have a look around the pond. Fresh air is always good for healing:)

With all this "resting" I've been doing the last month I'm sadly behind on all the home made Christmas gifts I had planned. With how involved one of them was it's looking like I'm going to have to make other plans. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. Time is short, and I want gifts that are well thought out and lovingly crafted. That's the fun of giving gifts, whether made or purchased, the love you show by your thoughtfulness and attention to the person receiving the gift...

Well, I'm off to enjoy a bit of blue sky before I lie down again. Blessings to you all, hope your day is wonderful, wherever you are:)


Momma Bug said...

Ahh... good stuff. I hope your day is wonderfully blessed and restful.
And Sarah, don't worry about those gifts - you've been pouring into the most important things: people.
YOUR people!
I love you friend:-)


SarahS said...

Thank you Analene:) I love you too!!