Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anticipation! And Some Artwork...

I'm busy getting ready for a weekend trip to the coast, Yay!! Our Thursday night Bible study group is going together. One of the families that comes owns a beach house and offered it for our mutual use. A few of us who pray together a couple times a week have been really aching to "get away" for a few days together with our families, outside of our usual daily routine, and just Listen together. So, Yay!! :-) Not to mention I've been longing to go the the beach, winter or no! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

So, lots of laundry and cooking to do. Gotta make gluten free bread, and gluten free cookies and hummus and tuna salad and... You know, the usual. I can't ever rely on communal food stocks when we take a trip with a crowd. I now REALLY appreciate it when I don't have to cook all our own food for a community dinner.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be crazy with all the cleaning and packing we will be doing. Fortunately I have two big, smart little boys who can do a large share of their own packing now- a-days :D Hurray for me:)

Hopefully in a few days you will be "treated" ;-) to beach house pics

In the meantime, here are my three latest painting/collages. Note that flash photography does not nearly do them justice...
This one is acrylic paint, my own photographs, and quotes from "The Ecstasy of Loving God" by John Crowder, and song lyrics from The David Crowder Band, oh, and the clipart earths:
*Sigh* I wish you could see it in person, it's really neat;-) Nate said it was my best one yet:) I think I'm finally finding my groove and getting into what I like to create. This whole painting thing still surprises me. I never painted as a kid or young adult. I did do several collages though.

Acrylic paint and paper mache (of a sort). I love the colors on this in person--green and white and yellow and almost-unexpected splashes of metallic bronze. Nate loves the texture. I almost don't want to post these sad-in-comparison-to-the-real-thing pics...
And the very latest: Paper mache, paper, acrylic paint... On Christmas evening I couldn't get my mind off the blood of Jesus. His incredible sacrifice and all it means for us, more than I think we yet imagine. So I took my paper mache background I had made on a canvas a few weeks ago and painted it red. Then I added the cross. I was still filled with the image of Jesus' blood so I made the red drips coming off the cross (wish you could see it better!)
The next day I painted the red on the bottom and the gold drips coming from heaven. Later in the night I did drips of glue (which you can't really see, being clear) off one side of the cross representing the water that came from Jesus' side. I'm going to call it "Heaven's Flood" I think.
You can also see my wonderful tabletop easel my dear Hubby got me for Christmas, liberally baptized in red and gold splatters and glue:D
"See" you after the weekend :)



Momma Bug said...

Just Beautiful my darling friend!

Thank you for posting even though I understand the desecration of the actual artwork :-)

Have a fantastic get-away!!


SarahS said...

Thank you so much my friend! Encouragement is always welcome here ;-)