Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thought I'd Show You All The Beautiful Walk To My Chicken Coop :)

Hi all! :-) I have a lovely walk to my chicken coop every day. At least twice, more if I don't have Brannon do the morning food and water check and take scraps up for me.

The first pic is from my kitchen steps
This one is from the white shed you can see in the first pic

From the wood stove made of barrels (by the blue vw)
The boys and I spent a morning while our chicks were small clearing this little path. It has become rather overgrown since then, time for a trim :)

One view from the cedar... can you see the coop yet?
A little closer...there it is!
And here's the path from the cedar, you can see what I mean about needing a trim...
And, here we are!
Happy chickens...

A spider I found by the side of the path
As I walked back from taking pictures I heard a happy little voice singing "Yo-ho! Yo-ho!" :-D This is what I found...
Big brother was singing happily too...
Joshua was even happier when Brother finally came outside with him :-)


fawndear said...

Ditto on the being busy and not getting around to blog reading. Love your scenic walk to the coop. Wish we had chickens - I'm a bit envious.

princessmama said...

I have chicken fever LOL
We have a bunch more chicks in our house right now, under their heat lamp, waiting to be old enough to join the "big chickens" (they are only 9 wks old) outside. :)