Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Fascination

First a note: if my posting and commenting is sporadic or non-existent for the next couple weeks it has mostly to do with the periodic rearrangement of our too-crowded house to fit a brand new (gigantic) wood stove thus rendering our computer out of reach of the Internet box from time to time. Oh, and a little to do with the holiday that is sneaking up on me like a bullet train...

Of all the things I could post about today--the first and second snow, picking tile for our new hearth, a white elephant gift exchange, our ugly Christmas tree... I picked the one that fascinated me the most. The reaction of my oldest son to making paper snowflakes to decorate our window.

Around a year ago the oldest critter decided crafts were boring. He informed his all-too-willing to please grandma that he did not want to do crafts at her house any more. Only science experiments. He would sigh whenever paper, scissors and glue appeared on the table (at home, grandma quickly complied to his wishes lol). Paint still held some interest. And glue. Sometimes.

Monday night before bedtime we sat down to make some snowflakes. Brannon was drawn to the table where I sat cutting out circles drawn around a plate, dessert bowl, yogurt cup. Joshua was gleefully bringing me paper and waiting with scissors in hand. When I asked Brannon if he wanted to try one he hesitantly agreed to do just one.

At first frustration reigned as he struggled to cut bits out of the paper. I soon realized his scissors were useless. So I gave him a big pair and the fun began. He was fascinated! He breathed over and over "Oh, I can't wait to open this". He'd look up at me and say "I love this". I was in love. :-) Whenever you see your kids utterly absorbed in the enjoyment of some simple thing it is delightful.

I love you Brannon. :-)

I hope to figure out what it is that draws him so, so I can create an environment for him to grow in the richest possible way. I pray for wisdom constantly to draw out who God created my kids to be and to open the way into their destiny. :-) What an awe-inspiring thing it is to be a mother.


fshmatt said...

I can totally relate with the boy. I am not much on crafts, it all too often comes out looking like a dog ate it then puked it up. Rather graphic maybe, but thats how I usually see them. When it comes to snowflakes though, all you have to do is fold it up and cut out randomly shaped pieces and voila! You have something cool looking when you unfold it. The excitement of discovery, the results of experimentation, is the exciting part.

Momma Bug said...

Wise momma you are!

It is a good lesson for me to be reminded of - plunking yourself down and digging in WITH the children!

I'm glad you're enjoying your holiday season:-)

princessmama said...

Thanks Analene. I feel like I haven't been doing that near enough lately. Yesterday we decorated the tree together and today we made a snowman with auntie marci. Tomorrow we are going to make onigiri (rice balls) for lunch. They entertain themselves a lot these days though and I am trying to work myself into more interaction than just telling them to be nice to each other or put away their clothes...