Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hawaii, April 16, 2008

In our little studio cottage. Where are we going today? Edit: This is the day we went kayaking way up this river and hiked a mile through the jungle to a waterfall. I don't have any of those pics on here because we only took the disposable camera. There is a really funny one of a sign that says "Danger! Falling Rock. Do not pass this point" Or something close to that. Past the sign are all the tour guides and other tourists. Pretty funny. As long as no one is killed by falling rocks. Did we stay behind the sign? :-) I'll give you one guess...lol

These little birds were quite common. We have pictures of them in the orchard too, but all of them are blurry like this one, and farther away.

Chickens are everywhere on Kauai. We found out the tour guides all have a standing joke... Please take some home with you! Lol. I guess the story of the chickens is there were some wild chickens descended from the original birds(moas, Hawaiian for chicken:) brought by the Polynesians. When Filipino folks came to Hawaii they brought their fighting chickens with them. A few years ago when a hurricane struck the islands everyone brought their best chickens inside and the rest got blown all over the island. Now there are lots of wild chickens everywhere. Since most folks can't tell the difference between a regular chicken and a moa all the chickens are protected. :)

So, we were all dressed up to go shopping and have dinner in Hanalei. We decided to have a nice walk on this beach before we went. We got all the way to the end of the beach ( a fair ways from where we took these pictures) and it started to pour! :-) First of all, we are native Oregonians, need I say more? Secondly, we both LOVE the rain. So we didn't mind getting soaked in the least. We had our waterproof camera bag with us, so both cameras were protected. We just went back to our room(about a 15 minute drive) and changed clothes before going on.

After shopping we looked for a place to eat dinner. We went in one neat looking place to find they only had sushi. Since neither of us really likes sushi this wasn't such a good thing lol. We retreated and kept searching. This is where we ended up.


fshmatt said...

Looks like lots of fun. I see the Hub found a tree to climb. Very nice. I would have climbed it too.

princessmama said...

I bet you would! If I was in any kind of shape I would have climbed it too :-)