Saturday, December 27, 2008

Joshua 2008

A few of my favorite things
When I was photographing this little pile of things Joshua has played with or heard read a lot this year(well, the baby is new, like the kitty in Brannon's photo, but it is much prized), he wanted to know why I had something that was not his favorite in the picture. He said "that bag is not one of my favorites" I explained that it is in the picture because he uses it almost every day to fill with treasures or carry his elephant(who, sadly is not to be found). He persisted in saying it is not one of his favorites lol.


February (Birthday boy)








December (notice the similarity to January's picture lol)
I tried to get a picture if him working with his new hammer today, but he ran away--sigh...
My dear Joshua you are all sound and motion and light. I don't think you have been still since you were conceived. You are my sunshine. Your name fits you so well "he saves"--my little rescuer you love the idea of rescuers of all kinds, from super heroes to firefighters. And "cadence" you are so full of the rhythm of life. You didn't like toys when you were a toddler. Just tools and dishes and instruments. Anything real. You only began to like them when you were old enough to figure out that was how to play with brother--toys. Where your brother lives chiefly inside his head, you live in the wide world. You say you want to learn everything, and you mean it literally. I love you sweetheart. Love Mama.


sparkliestar said...

he is such a lil cutie:)

fshmatt said...

Its amazing how much little kids faces change with one year.

princessmama said...

Yes it is. I myself was amazed as I gathered these pictures lol.