Friday, December 5, 2008

All The Comments I've Been Saving For Analene :-)

I started at the beginning of your blog Mommabug and read all the way through. I've made so many little notes of things I would like to comment on, I decided to blog them :) Now, hopefully I remember what all my one and two word notes mean...

OK, here goes--

Oatmeal: Can I say Yum!? Those pics are so delicious looking, and boy do they bring back memories. My mom remembers a difficult time when there wasn't much money for groceries. We remember big steaming pots of oatmeal (or wheat flakes, barley flakes, triticale>not a favorite<, or bulgar(sp?) and all these little dishes of yummy things we could pick to top our bowls with--coconut, date pieces, nuts, jam, honey--:-)

Hospitality: I don't even know how long it's been since we had someone over. I'm working on slowly getting rid of excess stuff so I can find my house to clean it. It would sure make school easier to lol. And teaching the boys to cook.

Dandelions: My boys always eat them too. They discovered the green base of the flower is the bitterest part, so they pick the petals out a few at a time and eat them that way :) They usually end up with yellow pollen-covered noses to boot.

Wheat sprouts: I'm sure you've come across this in your studies, but if you dehydrate your wheat sprouts then use them for flour, this is much healthier than regular wheat flour. Love the crackers you guys made, what fun!

Was it Carolina or Olivia you mentioned as not being "quiet" when sick? This reminds me so much of Joshua. When that boy is sick, boy does he ever holler!! My goodness!...

Once I went shopping first thing in the morning (not once ever just, you know) by the time I got to the checkout the boys were definitely feeling their oats. The checker dubiously wished me a good day. I grinned cheerfully at him and said "Oh, I will have a good day" He looked so astonished. I guess he thought rowdy boys meant grumpy mama.

GSE: Have you ever tried your grapefruit seed extract in orange juice?? You can not taste it, I kid you not! We've tried it in grapefruit, cranberry, apple, and grape juice. Nothing works like orange juice. Also we put ten to fifteen drops in a mug of water when we have a cold and all the toothbrushes get a good soaking after use to kill the germs.

Cute Bloomers!!

Yes, I'm drooling over "your" lake!

Waking up to a clean showered little! How funny! hahaha! What a big helper Zack is :-)

I sympathize with you on your blurry pic of Zack. My favorite picture of all time of Brannon is so blurry. It's still my fav though.

We had a little cabin, no electricity etc. when I was sixteen. I remember bathing and doing laundry in the creek. I remember end of August/beginning of Sept diving in and being completely shocked by the ice cold. It happened so fast, a week before the water was tolerable. I had to get my hair washed though! Brrr!!

Carolina's birthday pics are soooo adorable!! :-)

I hear you about going to bed in the dark. When we lived in the previously mentioned cabin my youngest brother, for the first time in his life, didn't have trouble falling asleep at night.

I love love love Letter Factory. That's how my kids learned (and retained, the actions that go with them are super!) their alphabet while I was laying on the couch being sick...

I so laughed when I saw the post about Clay with the bullet casing stuck on his tooth :) So boy. When Joshua was three (two??) he bit a marble until it broke and stuck a jagged pyramid shaped piece waaay up his nose. Then came to me going "Ow! " We couldn't get a grip on the thing with tweezers so I just sat him on my lap and squirted saline solution up his nose until I succeeded in washing it out.

Poor Carolina! Poor Momma! Joshua was weaned like this when I went to the emergency room with pneumonia. He was quite a bit older than Carolina though! Glad to hear the juice is working for you.

Anyhoo, I guess that's all for now. Love you guys! :-)


Momma Bug said...


I can't believe you read all the way through those!! Thanks for reminding me of all the crazy and fun things we've experienced this year.
It really has been nice too keep a bit of a journal, but it's true this year has been one to top all others!!!

I would LOVE to show you guys our Idaho place - they boys would totally dig it!

Thanks for taking the time to share YOUR life with me too...

All my heart,

fshmatt said...

Hey silly lady, you forgot Zac's favorite "hot cereal", Ferena or however you spell that.

princessmama said...

Momma Bug--it was fun "catching up" with you guys. We really do think about you a lot. We've been drooling over your Idaho pics for sure, I do hope we can make it up there sometime next year...

fshmatt-- farina...