Monday, December 1, 2008

Hawaii Pictures, Especially For Analene Who Has So Graciously Forgiven Me For Never Calling Her Back And For All My Sibs Who Haven't Seen The Pictures

Yet Because I Never Printed Them...

My hubby and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Kauai for our tenth wedding anniversary. I'd been dreaming of Hawaii for about nine years. Our wonderful family made it possible for us to go, as did my willingness to go at least another year without kitchen cabinets... As they say-- You only live once LOL.

So here are the pictures of our first day there. April 15 2008. I'll post the other days as I get the chance. Enjoy...

At the Medford airport at some ungodly hour (4 am? I think)
The owners of the little "cottage" we stayed in had a citrus orchard out front. They were really nice folks. They couldn't understand why their children wanted to leave the island (their boys were going to college in Oregon, lol) or why we wanted to go out in the rain. :)

The hedges were all hibiscus.

The orchard was full of these spiky little spiders.

Macadamia nuts.

Kauai beaches are steep which means the waves come in quite forcefully which means it's not safe to swim most places.


Momma Bug said...

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

How beautiful! Isn't God marvelous in His creation?!
We are really looking forward to seeing what heaven looks like - I'm sure it'll be worth spending some time just LOOKING at:-)

Love ya,

princessmama said...

You're welcome :)

It is so beautiful. Funny, some places reminded us soo much of Oregon we had to laugh.