Friday, December 26, 2008

Just A Few (wink, wink) Christmas Highlights

5:00 a.m.
The earliest the boys have woken up on Christmas.

Ironically, we haven't taken a second look at this since we discovered there were legos in some of those packages. Obsessed? Just a little. Like father, like son... (correction: a few minutes ago when Uncle Luke came in to say hi, B showed him some legos, then picked up the knife and announced "this was my favorite thing out of my stocking" LOL)

Joshua can't wait to grow up and be a papa (as well as a hard worker;). When he saw a cousin get a baby doll one day, something clicked and he asked for a baby for Christmas. Specifically, one with blue clothes and a bath. Well, the blue bathrobe soon came off in favor of the yellow pj's. He named his baby Hunter, after his cousin of the same name (speaking of Hunter, he is in the ER awaiting stitches at the moment, poor guy. He fell and split his forehead on his bed frame. It looks like when Josh fell out the window, thankfully not nearly as large a gash. I'm guessing about four stitches, but they are still waiting)
I made the diaper bag to hold the yard sale find clothes Grandma Karen happened to have handy, as well as the other misc stuff that came with his doll. I think it's a hit.
On to mom and dad's house for breakfast and our gift exchange there.
Sadly I don't have any pictures of us eating the marvelous breakfast we enjoyed together. Mom made quiche, sausage, fried potatoes, and coffee. I brought orange tapioca pudding and bananas. We had fun munching and visiting while the kids scarfed down their food so they could get back to playing.

Matt and Emily brought a picture for each of the dads. It is an adorable picture of the four sons/sons-in-law with each of the four grandsons on their shoulders. Love it!

The eyes have flashing lights in them,

My sister drew my name this year and she painted me this lovely picture (I've been begging her to paint for me for a while now:) I love it! She incorporated a bunch of my favorite things: a raven, a blue morpho butterfly, roses, my fav bible verse... Thanks sis!!

My favorite moment of the day. A "lucky" (I think the our fun God had a hand in this one, honestly) yard sale find, me drawing my littlest brothers name, my hubby's flash of inspiration regarding that yard sale find that was sitting in storage, your shouts of "No way!" when you opened that tiny package, bro--Priceless!!! :-)
That tiny package held a drum tuning key, which he recognized instantly:0
Your joy was contagious bro!

Josh'll test it out for you...

Matt seemed to have nieces and nephews on his lap all morning.

They say I married my little brother and I'd have to agree with that in a lot of ways lol. Glad you guys are buddies:)

Aunt Naomi had quite the audience:)

I'm so glad this hat turned out. I was worried! :-)

Miss Haylie is always begging to use Grammi's makeup, so she got a makeup case and some lip gloss from Grammi. Do you think she'll stop pulling all Grammi's makeup out of the drawer and asking sweetly to use it?

Joshua and Hunter took turns wrapping discarded paper around their middles and "unwrapping" each other. When Joshua unwrapped Hunter he shouted gleefully "A Hunter! Just what I've always wanted!" and proceeded to bear hug his giggling cousin. :-)

Let's enjoy the mess for a moment

Who can pick up the most wrapping paper? Hurry!

:-) (-:
Love you guys!! Had a fantastic day with you all. Naomi, I'm so sorry you were sick! Two years in a row, it's just not fair:( Hope you feel better soon, and hopefully next year no one will have the stomach flu! Jessie, thanks for the painting, it's the best! Matt, rock out!

Showing Great-Grandma and Grandpa his baby.

At the other Great-Grandparents house playing with cousin Wylie. (one of my cousins oldest son).

Those silly slippers again...
Today we will be having dinner(tacos:) and gift exchange with my hubby's family. We decided it would be better to break up the visiting a little and have more time with them by doing it today. The boys are excited to have two Christmases.
Today is full of playing, a little cleaning, and lots of being mellow. Looking forward to a visit from a dear friend who lives in L.A. We've been friends since we were "knee high to a grasshopper". We haven't had a good visit in about three years. We said "hi" at her brother's wedding, and last year after Christmas, and "hi" on the phone the year before that... I can't wait:)
I guess I'll quit rambling for now lol :-)


shedhorn said...

i think that we have a great family, and are very blessed. oh and your camera skills ROCK!

princessmama said...

We are blessed indeed!! Love you bro.