Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Better Late Than Never--A Couple Fair Pics:)

We had a great time at the fair this year. Joshua was a hoot! Both boys had saved up money for armbands and Joshua ran from ride to ride all afternoon and evening. He challenged his brother into riding some that were way scarier than Brannon ever would have attempted on his own. No pictures of those yet, they are on the other camera, which is at home...
Our local forest fire had really kicked into high gear that day, but thankfully the smoke stayed far away instead of choking us out

I love the carnival at night, so pretty. The moon was very obliging, sitting for a photo shoot ;)
This is not a Ferris Wheel, ladies and gentlemen, it's a Giant Wheel
Now, there's excitement for you :D


Matthew said...

Looks like they had a GREAT time. Nice night photo.

SarahS said...

They had SO much fun :D

Thanks :)