Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh, The Ingenuity of a Busy-Thinking Six-Year-Old

Surprised by the sound of rushing, splashing water coming from the kitchen I strolled over to see what there was to see.

Which turned out to be Joshua unscrewing the trap under the kitchen sink.

With the water running.

To flush out a pacific tree frog he heard croaking in the drain.

In case you are wondering I handled the situation with perfect calm. In his defence he had a small bucket under the open pipe (because the glass gallon jar he had grabbed was too tall). I turned off the water, handed him a towel to mop up with. Together we screwed the pipes back together. He took the bucket of water and dumped it out, then put the towel with the "grubby" laundry (different than regular "dirty" laundry). He went on his way. A little later I requested that he not unscrew any more pipes without a least asking first. He, of course, politely inquired "why?" I explained that the wood of the cupboard would be ruined by too much water, it would buckle and there would be no way to fix it. He seemed suitably impressed by this consequence. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons for not messing with the plumbing which, I'm sure, we'll get into later. For now it's time to go outside and constructively use our creativity to burn off some energy ;)


Amanda said...

LOL. I am SO impressed with your calm, cool response to your kitchen being flooded.

SarahS said...

It was a good day, what can I say ;-)