Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Racing Fun

*Apologies for the sideways pics, downloading them straight from the cam and not taking time to mess with them. Good news--I may have a computer in a week or so--

Last Sunday (Aug 29) was the third Pistis short track of the season. We all went, but Nate, Janis and I did not race(I was VERY disappointed--the third of my free races, one we were all at church and the other two I had a cold! So frustrating). Nate and Janis had a great time helping run the race--at least, they laughed a lot :)

Here's Nate and Steve during the first race. Steve's scoring and Nate's holding the sign that tells you how many laps you have left. (Not that anyone can read it whether they're slogging or zooming by{either too tired or too fast, lol}-so there's usually a lot of hollering the numbers out as each person goes by :)
Lorna raced, which would have been fun for me! To watch her disappear into the distance. *sigh* (I MUST be more patient with my progress!)
Zach--who won by a nose--Way to go Zach! He sprinted up on the previous beginner "champion" on the last corner
Greg--who reminds me so much of Brannon it's almost scary ;) Nate and I are always saying "we know what Brannon's going to sound like when he's fifteen"
Watching the action
Joshua and Elijah--playing with rocks
My sweet Brannon--ain't he handsome! :)
Nate and Janis
Nothing like having a big brother around to do exciting things like run around over dirt ramps jostling you all the way! "Do it again!" (Zach and Elijah)
Lorna and Elijah, having a snack
Plums are yummy!
and messy :)
Playing with the big boys...


Matthew said...

Looks like everybody had fun! Why didn't ya'll race?

SarahS said...

I had a cold, Nate has not been riding or sleeping and didn't feel up to it, Janis had raced a really difficult race the day before and her legs "had nothing left to give" :)

Matthew said...

likely excuses...j/k Sounds about right.