Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have posts, I DO

But, of course, being me, they involve pictures. And for whatever reason blogger is refusing to download pictures for the last two days... phooey.

The boys and I ventured out to the Grower's Market this morning. The fog was burning off as we drove toward town revealing another gloriously bright, perfect fall day. Hurray! We had a pretty good time browsing and chatting with vendors (well, Joshua was chatting with vendors, not me). Then IT began again. What is IT, you ask? IT is a certain boy's recent propensity to test every boundary in sight. Admittedly, today was not so bad compared to the last couple of weeks. But, it was enough to make a pleasant morning into a marathon. So, it was both-- Pleasant and a Marathon. If you know what I mean.

Walking through the "art" portion of the Market Joshua was transfixed by a booth of cement statues. He said, "Oh, I Love carvings!" (he was loving most of the displays actually, jewelry, paintings, instruments). I ended up getting him a little cement elephant, since he loves elephants. I don't know why exactly I let him pick one out, I didn't plan on buying the boys anything like that today. I just did. He was very sweet about it and thankful. And I could tell by his attitude he wouldn't have complained if we had walked on. I was pleased to do something for him.

We stopped to buy some flowers (big splurge on my part, but they were a dollar a stem, so I decided I could spare 3 or 4 dollars for some gorgeousness). We were picking out one sunflower like a teddy bear sunflower only bigger and fuller, and two or three dahlias. We ended up with two sunflowers and four dahlias because the lady gave us a couple flowers that were nearer the end of their prime than the others. And she made a little bouquet with the dahlias and some really pretty greenery. So we got a really gorgeous bunch of flowers for $4. :D And Joshua had a great time helping me pick out flowers.

Then we stopped by a farm stand run by some friends of ours. We picked out a bag of corn-on-the-cob and Brannon stayed behind with the other kids while J and I continued on our way.

A head of lettuce, 5 turnips, 1 cabbage, and 3 tamales later we were back to collect B and hike back to the car. I'd been "wrestling" with J ever since shortly after the flower booth and we were all getting tired. He was dragging his way across streets and throwing a big fit whenever I hustled him along(so as not to hold up traffic or get run over). Then about a block from the car he decided to "hand" me the bag with his elephant in it. Only I was facing completely the other way. He didn't tell me he was handing it to me. Didn't slow down to see if I had it. Just thrust it in my direction and let go. Because he was mad about the whole walking back to the car-helping me carry stuff-me making him hurry scene.

It's only a cement statue. It only cost a few dollars. It's only missing an ear.

I don't think it has anything to do with him being grateful or ungrateful. It's just this whole thing he goes into when he's tired that I have no idea how to direct. Yes, it's not just when he's tired, it's his whole attitude toward authority in the first place. He's a sweet, bright, caring kid and we do set boundaries. I struggle with consistency, but who doesn't?? Ok, maybe someone out there has it all together where their kids are concerned. I just wish I knew what to do with him, now...

Brannon wasn't interested in flowers, or statues, or vegetables. He paused for a moment to see the fancy beeswax candles and he was very glad to spend a few minutes with his friends. Which made him think of another friend he hopes to see at church tomorrow. I thanked him many times for helping me carry the flowers. I was trying to think of a way to help him feel loved today too. You see, J's main love language is gifts. He LOVES to give people things. That's the reason I got him the statue and let him have a big say in what flowers we picked out, because those things make him feel loved. Brannon's I think must be touch--lots of hugs! and words of encouragement--which is why I made sure he knew I appreciated his help...

I have felt overwhelmed by being a parent lately. And a wife. And me. Can I hire a maid? So I can do school with the boys and creative stuff for me and take naps and not fall behind and have a stressfully disgusting house? I think that would be nice...


Amanda said...

I'm sorry about the elephant's ear.

I need a maid and a nap, too. I don't know anyone who has it all together where their kids are concerned. But I do know He gave us each the kids He wanted us to have. :)

The Grower's Market sounds incredible. :)


SarahS said...

Thank you Amanda, for the encouragment. And especially for the hugs! :}

Matthew said...

Hey sis. You are doing a great job with those boys. If I win the lottery I'll hire you a maid :)

SarahS said...

Thank you Matt! I look forward to it lol :D

Momma Bug said...

If you win the lottery really big, Matt, could you get a maid for me too?

Sarah. I understand the "pleasant marathon"
... and needing a nap. I can't believe I'm allowed to be a mom - surely my children will survive, but will they grow into men and women that glorify the Lord and have tools to get them through life successfully?
Maybe that last part is a bit much to ask ;-)
One of my favorite things about YOU is your willingness to know and understand your weaknesses, to grow past them (Lord willing), and to move on regardless of how you feel about it.
You bless me,
Your mothering blesses me,
and I can tell that ALL your men are blessed by you - I can see it!

I love you too,

SarahS said...

Thank you, thank you Analene!