Friday, August 20, 2010

Plum Pickers

"I know why you are only paying me a penny a plum Mama..."
"...It's because there are So Many!"

Proud as can be :)
Thank you my dear boys! I know what I will be doing tomorrow ;) Making plum jam!


fawndear said...

Yum! They look so delish.

I once paid my children a penny for every dandelion they pulled. Ten bucks later, my yard was very thankful. But I was in awe that we had so many dandelions.

SarahS said...

Haha! I believe it :) They made about two bucks each and the tree is still loaded. I can barely tell they picked any. They are eager to make more money but I told them they have to wait a couple days till I catch up with what they already brought me :D