Friday, August 13, 2010

My Dear Joshua

My sweet boy. So full of mischief and love. The Mama who lets you wallow in boredom deserves the consequences! The recipient of your generous and loving spirit counts herself fortunate among women!

Any little one who finds themselves in need of assistance in your hearing is likely to find a more than willing six-year-old helper. I love watching you with your little cousin. The two of you used to fight like crazy. Now you help her with everything, wait for her patiently, and do your best encourage her to be brave.

When I explained to you that Mama needs a little extra sleep for a while while her body is trying to heal itself you immediately apologized for waking me up in the morning (which is Not what I had in mind, by the way) and since then have been very careful Not to wake me in the morning. Going so far as to take care of your sick older brother today. Looking up with concern and I emerged from the bedroom you asked "Did I wake you?"

Your spiritual sensitivity I admire and aspire to. Your love for God is wonderful to see. Your faith in the unseen I pray I will never dampen with careless words.

You are determined to make money for the things you desire and are always coming up with ideas for making money---It's a good thing Grandma Karen is not quite as gullible as you hope she is! ;-) Going so far as to beg Papa not to pull up a thistle that is about to seed--"Grandma pays me a nickel each to pull thistles! If you leave it there will be more next year!"

There is so much more I could say, but duty calls and hungry tummies want lunch :)

I love you my boy, and am so enjoying watching you grow toward the man God created you to be! I am thankful to be your Mama.


Matthew said...

Who could read this and not want to spend time with him? Is it Haylie that he is doing good with these days?

SarahS said...

I know! He's so great :D Yes, he's been doing great with Haylie, he's taking very good care of any littler kids he's around these days. Lobbying for a younger sibling actually...

Matthew said...

He would be a great older brother/protector!