Tuesday, March 3, 2009

T-shirt Renewed

So, I promised a while back I'd post some of the little clothing projects I have worked on this year. Well, it's kinda hard to do that if you never take pics of the stuff! Ahem.

Anyhoo...here's the only one I have taken a picture of so far. Joshua got all excited about having a shirt that said 'future fireman' after reading a book from the library about firefighters and seeing a pic of kids in a parade with future fireman t-shirts on. So...

Hawaii t-shirt with paint peeling off...(we helped what was left)
Felt from our large stash+the alphabet off the fridge for templates=

I think he's worn it a whole two times, lol. But, we had fun:-)
More projects to come, I promise! Just so you know, you have to forgive me if that turns out to be a lie...

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