Thursday, March 12, 2009

For Matthew--Thoughts on 'The Silver Hand'

Ha! So it is more than a figure of speech. When he came up out of the lake I kinda assumed his hand was mobile, ya know. But then it was described as fixed. Until Siawn challenges his kingship, and he raises his hand and moves it to show he is no longer maimed. That made me happy:)

Meldron's end was fitting. Although Siawn Hy deserved it more. The slimy son of a viper!

Speaking of Simon. At the beginning of the first book I never would have taken him for the one who would end up being the arch enemy. Sure he was selfish, but that was the fault of his upbringing. I just figured he was kinda harmlessly selfish, you know? When he was so unhappy with Lewis' appearance I just figured he didn't want his bubble burst, like "Don't rain on my parade, man. I'm totally free for the first time in my life. I don't have to answer to anyone's expectations but my own" I just thought he was happy with his new, exciting life. Then when he begins to show jealousy, then hatred toward his former friend you see the seeds of what he is to become.

I expected him to try his little escape number there at the end (speaking of which where is Paladyr?) I was surprised and positively gleeful when Bran's throw found it's mark (did you know I was so bloodthirsty??). But then he disappears into the manifest world. And what's all this junk about Simon being in league with Weston all along??? What the---?! I sincerely hope they don't manage to save his life somehow on the other side, gggrrrr ( I know you can't say anything cause you've read book three and i have not;). I don't think I could stand another book with Siawn lurking and being nasty. He'd better not come back, the WRETCH!!!

I found the whole bit with Tegid's inner eye very interesting. Sometimes when he is blind you 'see' more than you should as a reader, I understand this is assumed landscape and necessary for the carrying of the storyline. I found his inner sight a tad too convenient at times. Again, a vehicle to carry the story. Still. I enjoyed the moments when he lost it in the middle of something important (not being sadistic here, just more interesting). I understand it would have been too cumbersome to have too much of the action described to him by a third party. I love at the end how when he is healed he gets his physical sight back and yet keeps the inner sight.

I'm loving this:

Here I am upon my rock, and here I stay
I will be unmoved until you, Unmoving Mover,
move in me;
I will keep silent until you, Living Word,
speak to me;
In darkness will I sit until you, Light of Life,
illumine me.

Grant me now, Gifting Giver, three things I seek:
Knowledge of the thing I do not know;
Wisdom to understand it;
Truth to discern it rightly.

"Truth to discern it rightly" Love that.

I liked Tegid a whole lot more in this book than in the second half of The Paradise War. He was too depressed then, lol...

Poor Geowyn:( I understand Llew's position though. He doesn't think he'll be around all that long and doesn't want to lead her on.

So, what's with Twrch? The way the dog keeps weaving pointedly in and out of the story makes me think there's some, well, point to Llew having a dog. It seems too detailed to just be a bit of the landscape. But, maybe that's just me. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

The author, in the interview in the back, says he doesn't think 'the silver hand' is particularly dark. I disagree. Compared to the first book anyway. It was quite gruesome, and the mayhem was more personal as well as more widespread. That said, I'm takin a little break before I start book three. I'm reading some completely fluffy and ridiculous teen novel, just for something to laugh at:) We'll see how long I last though. I'm almost full of fluff already...


Matthew said...

I am BURSTING to tell you more. haha. I agree that the book was really dark, but it also had a lot of "light" moments. There was so much personal revelation, discovery, and growth that it was like watching a child grow up in fast forward. If the darkness is waying you down, definitely take a decent break before The Endless Knot. It delves into more deadly darkness than either of the first two. You'll know what I mean when you get there. I can't wait to see your reaction to the ending. Wow.

princessmama said...

I finished the fluffy book already and just started the endless knot. :)