Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bits From the Church Conference

Ok, Matt:) I'll respond to your prompts. My favorite speaker was Larry Randolph. I'm very excited to go to a conference if either he or Kris Vallotton is speaking. ;-) What can I say, I like the funny ones...

I love Larry's personality and how he can make you laugh until you cry, but then you're chewing on what he said for days afterward (at least!).

Kris was my second favorite, (cause Larry was there, lol).

Did I get what I was hoping for out of the conference? Yep. I had tons of fun and I love God even more than I did a week ago. Plus I got to hear lots of way awesome teaching which is even now encouraging me in my faith. And have a blast during the worship times. And I got to drink lots of coffee, hang out with Mom and Vicki, feel a tiny bit silly crocheting while waiting in lines (only cause mom was knitting and Vicki was crocheting too so there we were all in a row, teehee) and bring home a Sons of Korah cd... all in all an enjoyable experience.

I think the thing that's impacting me the most right now is coming from Larry talking about obedience to God's voice, even in the smallest things(it wasn't the point of his message, just a stop along the way, but it really stuck to me, probably because there's a couple things God's told me to do that I've been pretty slack about listening too, cause they're not "spiritual" , sheesh, you'd think I'd have a clue by now--It's all spiritual!). It's kind of a "duh!" But sometimes we get so caught up in listening for the 'big' stuff we forget to listen when He tells us small things. I'm still cracking up over Larry telling us God shows up in his room one time when he's sick and saying "You haven't been drinking much water, have you?" You'll have to listen to that one Matty, its a good one...

And Leif (pronounced layf) Hetson...Wow, the guy's been through so much, and he's up there with a huge smile on his face the whole time. One thing he said is really sticking to me. A couple months ago he had a large tumor removed from his abdomen. So, he's up there saying, 'I have no tumor, so, I can pray for you and your tumors will be healed'. That so astonished me. It reminds me of Eric Johnson saying you can have victory long before your breakthrough. If we have the faith to believe God no matter what our circumstances are telling us we have the victory in the spirit long before we see the physical manifestation of that victory. So Leif believes he has the grace to pray for tumors and see them healed, even though he was not healed through a supernatural act, but by a doctor's skill, and he carries the spiritual victory for that healing. Don't know if the way I said that makes any sense, but, there you have it.

Everyone (who knew me well enough)was asking if I was coming back in May for the writer's conference. The author of The Shack, William P. Young, is going to be the main speaker. I'm ''not feelin' it'', the whole writing thing that is(long story, don't really want to talk about it). I just said, no I'm trying to go to Africa instead. Nobody then asked why I wasn't planning on the writer's conference. Sweet.

So, Matt, there you have some highlights:) We'll have to actually talk pretty soon, lol!

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