Monday, March 23, 2009

Candling Our Chicken Eggs

You know how some days you can't get a sentence right no matter how many times you write and erase it? Today appears to be one of those days. And I'm just writing about chicken eggs for crying out loud... So, what to do? Start writing about how you apparently can't write today. That should get the juices flowing. One hopes.

So, last night we candled our chickie eggs. Before I tell you how that went I have to tell you about something I'm still chuckling over. Saturday as we were driving about contemplating ways of amusing ourselves hubby and I were discussing the possibilities of a little farming venture. Along with our gardens and orchards that we have begun we were talking about chickens and goats for eggs, milk, and meat. Suddenly from the back seat Joshua speaks up. "By the way, all the chickies that hatch from our eggs in the our incubator are not food."

I assured him that all the chickies that hatch from this batch will just be pets. He insisted "every single one!" "Yes", I told him, "every single chickie that hatches from our eggs that we have now will just be a pet. Not for food."

We had a bit of trouble seeing into our eggs. We finally decided that even with all the lights off our kitchen just wasn't dark enough. Anyway, we had four eggs with definite squirmy little chickie embryos visible. Two eggs the shell seemed too thick to see through (?), two were indefinite---hard to see if there was an embryo in there or not. And one egg had a dark blood ring kinda like this...
Which means the chick had died. Overall we were very pleased with our little 'experiment'. Brannon and I really enjoyed seeing the chicks moving around inside their shells. I have to admit, i never thought about seeing them move, DUH! :-) They were quite squirmy though, which was fun. Probably trying to get away from the bright flashlight, lol. Joshua said he couldn't see anything. I imagine he didn't stand still long enough. ;-)


Matthew said...


Okay, this is going to sound strange, but reading this made me remember a dream I had last night. I was with somebody and we were candling eggs. The eggs that had chickens in them were very dissappointing, however the eggs with human faces inside them were very exciting. Hmm, stange.

princessmama said...

Hilarious!! :-)

Matthew said...

Just so you know, that final word in my previous comment was supposed to be "strange".