Monday, March 2, 2009

I really should have something to say today. But, I seem to be drawing a blank. I'm very tired after my trip last week and trying to convince myself that's ok.

Joshua is still on his tired/cranky/screaming-about-everything kick. I have to say, two weeks of that seems like more than enough to me! I've begun to wonder if he could actually be depressed? Can five yr olds be depressed? I don't know, anyway I prayed for him today, and I just remembered they probably haven't had their vitamins in a few days. We tried to go out and plant Joshie's peas and lettuce today, but he pitched a fit about every little thing, so we gave up. It's supposed to be fun after all...

Nate did some butchering with some friends yesterday and after coming home covered in muck of various kinds said he could really use a sturdy apron. Now, I don't know how often he'll actually be doing this kind of thing, lol, considering past history, but I don't mind making him an apron. I suggested using old denim and he was excited about that, so I'll have to start thinking how I want to make it.

Hey, Matt, I'm still enjoying the book. I think the story about Bladudd was a very odd one. I guess because they didn't explain a whole lot of what people were thinking and who they actually were. I guess it's partly allegorical. Like Sovereignty returned to him after he was healed because he was no longer blemished. But what was all that about the trials he would have had if he had succeeded in his theft of the enchanted pigs? And, he didn't come across to me as so prideful and arrogant??? I guess I don't know what he was thinking though... I'm really enjoying the blossoming of Llew and Tegid's friendship under their joint afflictions...even though I threw the book down when it happened, lol ;-)

Ok, I've erased this paragraph several times now, so I think I'm done for today. Yeah.

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Matthew said...

Yeah that story was quite strange. I figured it had a lot to do with Celtic mythology. Kinda like how a lot of the Greek myths are strange and seem pointless. I don't remember all the details of that story real well, but it, well, I won't spoil anything for you :)

Here are a couple of prompts for you: Who was your favorite speaker and why? What were you hoping to get out of the conference and did you?