Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things You Don't Want to Hear...

...Your 4/5 year-old say to you at 6:30 in the morning; after you have pulled the blankets over your face in a futile attempt to pretend you are still asleep...

"Look at this. It used to be stapled to the corner of the mattress; now it's not"

In a very matter-of-fact, 'by-the-way', kind of voice--"Uh, Mom, there's a really big spider right by your head"

"Did you leave this chocolate out for me?"

"I can't find the little knife."

This last in reference to a teeny-tiny kitchen paring knife that he is sometimes allowed to use under supervision to cut a banana or something else soft.


Momma Bug said...

What a nice way to wake up!

I love those last pictures:-)
And... Safeway Rocky Road Ice Cream!!

princessmama said...

An even better way to wake up it to a gentle poke on the cheek, eyes open to a hugely cheerful smiley face and a little voice whispering exitedly "mama, look, it's almost morning!" as he points to the barely grey window. :-) Nothing better:-)

Matthew said...

I can't wait.

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Awwwe I remember those days!! I was talking to my gf the other day, when she told me all about her grandbaby. Well seems the Grandbaby got into the fridgie and pulled out a huge tube of Fresh cooked Greenbeans and Ham... Opened the top and it all spilled out. She is still trying to get the grease up off the 1 month old carpet in her house!!! Whats not to love there???? I laughed (offered my shampoo-er) and told her its just the age (less than 3) So yes I love every little bad thing along with the good. They grow up too darn fast!!! Remember that when you get that frustrated mommy feeling ;)
Ps thanks for dropping by and posting.. please visit again!!!

princessmama said...

Thanks for stopping by, i've been enjoying your blog:)

They do grow up too fast!!! I try hard to remember that, even on the rough days. Sometimes all rational thoughts flee the mommies head tho! :)

I can look at these things and laugh though, only a little while later that's for sure. In fact this very post i was laughing so hard I cried just a little later that day (that was the day of "this used to be attached to the bed") :-0