Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hurray For Science-Works!

We got to go to the Science-Works kids museum yesterday. Grandma Karen came with us, and we all had tons of fun!

The favorite display of the day was the model airplane in a mini wind tunnel.

The scream chamber. Joshua was the only one who was brave enough to try it.
The gravity well.
This was a fun one. The boys loved watching the ball floating in midair. Mama liked pulling the ball halfway out of the airstream and watching it fly back up.
How fast can you pitch?
A small stream of air holds the foam ball up, a lever controls the air flow to raise and lower the ball and a crank turns the table, fun!
Pedal power...power a toy train, radio, lights, or fan.
Joshua loved to "fly" the plane too.
A pipe organ. Sooooo fun!!! We want to build one of our own.
Grandma Karen is telling Brannon she doesn't want to be on a plane he is flying LOL, after watching a Very bumpy landing:)

An air cannon, we never did get this one to work for us. You're supposed to be able to knock over plastic bowling pins or spin little pinwheels.
I enjoyed this one a lot. You push the button to get the big wheel on the table spinning, then use the rods to hold one of the metal disks to get it spinning and then it will stay on the spinning wheel.

Keeps beach balls airborne or little boys' hair...

A bearded dragon... (they also have a honey bee hive inside a plastic box so you can see the bees at work)
Josh had to brace his feet to pull it all the way back:) (it's the model plane again)

Well that's it for today...I'll post some more pics of our Science-Works day tomorrow or the next day:)


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my ideas for my next swap :) I will be holding and apron swap too...... Yes the swap will be open to newbies. I have to tell you I have never made a cloth dollie either. I added her as a challenge for Me and others that like to sew... I tell you mine will be way from perfect!!! so If she is what the people vote on that is what we will sew.. So come on join in on the challenge :)I think it will be a blast doing a new art form!!!

Matthew said...

Hey that looks like a TON of fun. Maybe I'll have to borrow a couple of boys one day and take them so I can have an excuse :)

shedhorn said...

i need to take the littles there

princessmama said...

Yep, it's tons of fun! Costs about as much as a movie tho, just so you know. We are lucky enough to have a membership supplied by a grandma;-)