Friday, February 6, 2009

More Science-Works Pics

A magnifying glass/mirror that shows you your eye.
Radio waves, a miracle of science... and darn fun to play with too. What you can't see in this pic is the radio controlled dump truck that carries all those little balls around.
Iron filings and magnets. I read about half the story of this toy before the critters dashed off to find something new. It involved factory workers having fun with iron filings and magnets and the owner thinking what a great toy it would make if he could find a way to make it safe. And something about the invention, somewhere else, of a safely sealed plastic box...
Center of gravity.

Pull the bowling ball up one chute, let it go and a tennis ball in a neighboring chute goes flying up to the ceiling, fun fun fun:-)

The dizzy machine the boys called it, and now I can't remember what the sign actually says...

Pulley chairs...

This one uses air and water pressure to shoot the bottle up toward the ceiling

A funny robot.

It burps. Boy + burp= funny.

Magnets. Isn't it fun how metal sticks to metal under the influence of magnetism? :-)

Big Bubbles!

Try to stand inside a bubble. This one doesn't seem to work too well. Generally the bubble pops around the vicinity of your toes. I was excited this time though, I got one all the way to my nose!
More of that fun pipe organ

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