Friday, February 13, 2009

Mushroom Fun...Or, I Should Say, Little Boy Fun

I ordered this nice field guide recently because of all the fun we had finding mushrooms in our yard and the surrounding forest a couple months ago. We must have spotted at least a dozen different kinds just casually looking.
So, it's been lying around the house for a few days, waiting to be "discovered". Last night Joshua was hanging around feeling bored cause brother wasn't interested in playing (having a cold has that effect on a person). Suddenly I hear him cheerfully exclaim, "hey, i found our mushroom book". He proceeded to curl up on the couch and look at the pictures. I was highly entertained by the stream of exclamations that then occurred:

"That's a weird one!"

"Hey, another weird one!"

"This one looks like poop!"

"Another poop one!"

"One that looks like brown poop!"

"A black poop one!"

"A brain mushroom!"

"Another brain one..."

I think we were both thoroughly entertained for at least ten minutes:-)


Matthew said...

Haha! I love it. Little boys are so much fun. I can't wait until I get to have one :)

sparkliestar said...

lol:)funny boy!sounds like fun~

Momma Bug said...

It just goes to show that mushrooms really shouldn't be eaten!
What can I say?

princessmama said...

Matthew: I can't wait until you have one either *laughs evilly and rubs hands together*

sparkliestar: he is funny, in a lovely way:-)

Mommabug: so sorry you don't like mushrooms lol, YUM! Actually I like mushrooms like I like cheese, I say I love them but I really only like certain ones. For instance: i only like white button mushrooms and I don't like very many truly strong cheeses, unless extra sharp cheddar counts. That and swiss are about the extent of my adventurousness there:-)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Now thats just way too cute!!!

I love the way little boys think. Well at least sometimes I do.

princessmama said...

They're so fun;-)

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Oh, I totally have to get that book! My boys would love it, too!

Matthew said...

Trust me Sarah, there is not much you can do to my future boys that I won't have already done. I can picture it now..........(We'll be getting into lots of trouble together, and if he has any natural fears, I'll "help" him overcome them quickly, hehheh)

princessmama said...

Hmmm, I don't envy them, I'm really not into that kind of"help".

Probly cause that kind of "help" is no help to me! I'm mostly strongly against it being used on my children.