Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sewing Machines and Updates

I thought this picture was appropriate considering yesterday was inauguration day. Plus, I've just been wanting to use it lol. I had a hard time tearing myself away from the news to go to home group. We don't have tv hooked up at our house (we watch lotsa movies tho) and so I like to have a peek at big events when I'm at Mom's house.

I haven't taken any pics of clothes yet. :( Or much of anything else lately for that matter. I'm also without my sewing machine (sniff, sniff...) The tension kept messing up and I couldn't get the darn thing to behave. So it's in the shop for a tune-up. I guess the sewing machine guy is real busy right now, so it'll probably be a good ten days before he calls me back. :'( I did find out one good thing though. It was apparently my ignorance and not the machine's fault that it was really bad at eating fabric. Not just super thin you expect it to be eaten fabric. Nope. Everything. I guess the plate I have on there is a zig-zag plate with a wider slot than a regular one, so everything gets sucked down there real easy. Hopefully I have something better in the box my machine came in, if not I'll have to fork out some of my meager spending cash to get one. So, I should be able to sew without so much silent swearing here in a couple weeks. :-)

I got off track with my weight loss goals for a few days last week. I ate too much. I didn't walk enough. But I am doing better now. It helps that the PMS and the first few days of my cycle are over, yay. Tough time to be strict, what with cravings and headaches and other discomforts. I'm really not excited to weigh myself in a week or two, thinking I'm not doing as well as I would like to be. I'm trying to figure out how to keep the big picture in perspective and not get so discouraged by the day to day and week to week that I give up too easily.


Matthew said...

This big picture. That is a hard one to hold on to. I know you can do it though Sarah. I have faith in you. Just stick with it. I know its a lot easier to just give in but it is not worth it in the end. I don't have any suggestions on how to keep the big picture in front of you, but I know that sometimes we need to focus on certain parts of the big picture. What I mean is, for instance, one part may be being comfortable swimming in public, one part may be running around with those boys all day and not getting winded every five minutes, another may be long term health, etc.

princessmama said...

Thanks buddy! Definitely running around with my boys is a BIG one! We love to ramble around this mountainside. Mama being too tired to do it is no fun. Or spending the day at Science Works. Or going to Africa for a couple weeks...

There are lots of things I can keep in front of me. It's just hard a lot of times to see past the exhaustion and discouragement of the moment. Especially when Brannon just got over coughing for three weeks (from that cold we got two days after the christmas stomach flu!)and now Joshua is crying about his throat hurting!!! I just want to crawl into a hole

Matthew said...

That is so frustrating. Even Emily and I are trading off being sick. She has been feeling terrible the last few days but can't stay home to recouperate because there are too many people away from work right now. I will definitely keep your family up in prayer.