Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Saturday I tried to go take a shower. Joshua had been sitting quietly on the floor inventing lego cars. Perfectly happy. By the time I made it to the bathroom he was hanging on me wailing, "Don't go. Stay, stay" I calmly and then not so calmly explained to him that I was not going anywhere and I would be out in a few minutes. He wouldn't let up. I was starting to get good and mad, ordering him to just go. About that time he yelled desperately "I loooove you!"

What a goober, hehehe. I gave him a big snugly hug and he tripped happily off to return to his inventing leaving me shaking my head.

We read a book about firefighters we got from the library and Joshua got all excited about the kids in a parade wearing "future fireman" shirts. Guess what he asked me to make him? Being the obliging Mama I am I started work on it the first available morning...

I've been having a bit of fun recycling clothes that are not longer loved into something new. I'll try to get some pics and post them here pretty soon.

Brannon is very "buried" in lego land right now. He wasn't sure he would survive the revelation when I told him that at the first hint of warm weather the legos are going upstairs for a while. :-) I have to drag him outside anymore. Like father, like...

While we were standing in church Sunday Joshua was standing on a chair next to me with his arm around my neck. Pretty soon he started fingering my necklace ( a plastic whale tail that looks a bit like ivory or bone). He asked "Is this valuable?" When I hesitated slightly, "Uh" he proceeded to define valuable for me :-)

"Valuable means it's breakable," pause..."and pretty, that's what valuable means."

I asked B later what valuable means and he said "If it's not very valuable it's not worth much. If it's very valuable it's worth a lot." A lot of what? "Money"

I still can't believe the price of groceries! You'd think I'd be used to it by now. It's been this way a while. I still get stressed when the total comes up at the register. That's one area I need to remember to give to God. It's funny, all the rest of the financial stuff in our lives I don't worry about any more. I'm relaxed. I guess I'm still trying to take some responsibility to make this one work. Don't get me wrong, it is my responsibility to be...responsible. I just need to believe God's going to take care of it if I do my part. In theory I've got this one down, in practice, I still stress at the register lol.

Brannon hasn't stopped talking--to me--since I started typing. I've explained to him once that I am writing right now and may not respond to him. Hasn't phased him. Like Father, like...

Does anybody like the slideshow or is it something you don't look at??

I'm enjoying not sinking into my parking spot. When I gasped a little over the price hubby explained how much it would have cost if we had gotten gravel ourselves, one pickup load at a time and how much if someone other than our friendly neighbor had delivered it. Oh. Perspective sure is a handy thing:)

Well, enough rambling for now...;-)


fshmatt said...

I attempted to comment, there was an error, not sure if it went through but I don't want to double comment so I'll just wait.

fawndear said...

randomness is what life is all about.
Can't wait to see your re-done clothes. Love getting ideas.
Can't wait to put my own kids toys away and send them outside.
I too, stress at every cash register not just the grocery one.
I know God will take care of the rest if I do my part.
Yep, randomness is awesome cause you can think a hundred different things over the course of just a few minutes. So happy randomness to you too.

If I didn't give it to you my email is ( I think it was you who asked, if not just disregard my randomness)

princessmama said...

Thanks for the email address :)

Yes, I'll be glad when most of the toys go upstairs and we spend our day rambling around outside!