Friday, October 10, 2008

Pretty Pictures 2

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE photographs? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! :) First a couple pics of my sweeties enjoying the swimming pool (back at the beginning of September, can you tell the water's a little too cold? Nobody's actually IN the water, hee hee).

Then a few of my fav plant (and insect) pics. I'm working on a set of "October" pics, but I haven't got all I want yet due to having a cold :( Also I have my first photography class tomorrow. That may slow things down too, or it may help, as it's an outdoor class.

Anyway, enjoy :)


Mum-me said...

Your photos are wonderful. The action shots with the water suspended mid-air, and the bee mid-flight! Wow! And the lens flare in the last one is just perfect.

What do you need photography classes for??

princessmama said...

Thank you so much! I feel all warm and fuzzy now ;). I'm taking the class to learn more about taking shots with manual settings. I.e. aperture, speed, etc.

I'm still smilin'. Thanks so much for commenting:)

shedhorn said...

your pics total rock sis. ou deff kick butt on the cam!! that is something we shair is our love for the cam

princessmama said...

Thanks bro :) I need a bigger zoom, I can't begin to rival your deer pics :)