Monday, May 3, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Our computer is not working so well lately. It has proven impossible for me to download the pictures we took at the beach. It may be quite a while before I get to post them. Our computer will be going to a friend in a few days to have it's virus ridden memory wiped and the essentials returned. I don't expect it to take less than a week to have it returned to us...possibly quite a bit longer.

Meanwhile I will go next door to check my email and maybe write an entry or two about our doings.

Took another bike ride with Nate today. We mostly stuck to wider trails and I practiced sitting behind my seat for the descents. This required quite a bit of upper leg and arm muscles that aren't used to working so hard. By the time we hit the narrow trail I was a bit "wobbly" and found it much more difficult to dodge trees and such with less muscle control. We rode for about 40 minutes including a couple of steep climbs. I am quite proud of my accomplishments so far :D

Another day this week we'll take the boys and hook the trail bikes up and hit Bear Creek Trail. I'm curious to see if there will be a difference in how far I can ride compared to last fall. Between having a much lighter bike and having been working out with Bear once a week for the last several months I'm betting it will be better. Even though I haven't been riding regularly for as long as I had been the last time we went to Bear Creek.


fawndear said...

Computers - love em when they work. Mumble, mumble when they don't. Hopefully you'll be virus-free soon.
I'm impressed with your adventure in trail riding. I haven't been on my bike for over a year and am dreading it. Keep up the great work.

SarahS said...

I can't wait to see how much difference it will make at my weekly work-out! And, of course, hoping I WILL keep it up and start losing weight again, while having loads of fun :)