Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I mentioned last time wanting to know if my bike rides were going to affect my weekly physical therapy workout. Last week I took two fifteen (or so) minute rides by myself and two 40-45 minute rides with Nate. ( I guess the first short ride doesn't really count since it was before last weeks workout:)

I worked nice and hard on the two long rides, thanks to having a partner. And I've taken a couple of walks this week as well.

I don't know if all that had anything to do with today's performance or not. Because I certainly noticed a difference today.

I collapsed. A lot. *Sigh*

About 3/4--7/8 of the way through almost all of my exercises today I pooped out. Being the good-natured fellow that he is, my dear friend and therapist went with the flow. "And that's the floor. Hold that position right there..."

So, perhaps I'm just worn out? Is that how it works??? Maybe next week I'll be stronger...


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