Monday, May 10, 2010

Back From Bend

We had a great time in Bend. Enjoyed the campground playground. Took a little ride along a trail by the river (wrecked and got war wounds). Had a progressive dinner with family and friends in 3 different camp sites. Watched the teenagers roasting strawberries over the camp fire. Listened to a round robin story consisting of a midget, flying squirrels, rehab, poison oak, hobbits, imprisonment in a glass jar, a rattlesnake who had his fangs removed, and a hooty-howl. Didn't get much sleep because my head was too cold in spite of a hat. Packed up camp as soon as we were done with breakfast. Followed a train of cars and campers with bike racks up a LONG gravel road through some ranch. Parked a six minute walk from the start line (My fam got there over an hour later and walked over 15 minutes!). Stood in line for the outhouse. Nearly got run over by a biker whizzing by as I stepped out of the outhouse. Laughed at the candy and beer glass in the "goody bag" given to the racers. Took pics of my four getting ready to ride. Watched a few hundred bikers line up on the road. Had Rowdy and Mike (Janis' brother) help me across the track (lol! so chivalrous) to get a better view. Took lots of pictures. Ate a LOT of dust. Tried to keep Joshua, in his boredom, from doing something I would regret. Congratulated Janis and Nate. Didn't get to see Don and Bear finish. Took Hungry kids to buy lunch. Left Nate to wait in car with Sleeping kids while we ordered. Enjoyed lunch by the river with Mom, Dad, Jessie, Haylie, and Tyler. Ate ice cream (bad idea! I like how it feels to Not eat that stuff). Headed home. Missed our turn on top of the mountain. Didn't know it at first(though I had said "we have another turn up here" Nate was so tired he didn't really care, and I think I mentioned it a little too late? Or maybe I was distracted when we passed it). Kept wondering if we'd seen "this" or "that" on the way up. Got down the mountain very quickly. Hmmm. This scenery looks like North of us. Not South. Fortunately we only added about twenty minutes to our drive. Which seemed like Forever with the boys grumping at each other in the back seat. Joshua fell asleep about twenty minutes from home. And stayed asleep. All night. Brannon helped unload the van.

I made some progress getting our trip mess cleaned up today. I'd hoped to make a lot more, but a nasty headache slowed me down this afternoon.

I am very pleased to have pictures of the four racers on my refrigerator :) I will be very happy when I can download them and show them to you all. Some day...

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