Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures! Yay!! :D

Well, I still can't get the pics from my canon but here are a few of our doings this month (I can't believe it's half over already!!! And 2010 is almost half over!!!!! Aaauugh. It really does go by faster and faster...)

The girl behind the camera
I have lots of Great pics of the boys on the beach, but they will have to wait.

The race pics from Bend are also on the canon, but here are a couple of everybody getting ready (everybody as in the four of "mine")

Bear, Don and Janis

Don and Nate.
When Nate was done we took tired, hungry kids out of the dust and got some lunch. We found a nice park by the river to eat it in.

And a couple of Elijah's birthday party Friday. His very own (empty) pinata... ride on :)

His mama giving him his first bite of birthday cake

Love that sweet smile!

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LindaFaye said...

It's nice to see some new photos. Yay!