Monday, November 30, 2009

Belated Cyclocross Pics

Last race of the season.
A set of barriers in the middle of a deep puddle. Nate was one of the few racers who enjoyed the added challenge (most would say unnecessary discomfort).
And two of the cutest boys anywhere... My little bell-ringer (I'm not allowed to call him little within his hearing any more)
How I love his expressions!

Joshua is running after Nate so as to be able to cheer longer
The start of the "a" race. Bear is the yellow and red in the middle of all the blue. A's get to run to their bikes instead of starting on them. More challenging for the riders and entertaining for the watchers.
Here you can see the big puddle
Nate is clearing weeds that are in the way of a shot he wants to attempt
He was hoping to catch a really good splash :)
And that's all the cyclocross for this year. Nate took second in his class. He'll have to move up next year if he keeps riding. I think he's planning to race mountain bike short track in March. I think we're both looking forward to it. He would like to talk me into racing cyclocross next year. I would have to start progressing physically a good deal faster than I am at present to consider it. Might be fun though... :)


shedhorn said...

Cool, congrats Nate.

Someday I would like to do down hill mountain racing.

princessmama said...

That's some pretty crazy racing! I wouldn't want to do it ;) I'd like to keep my face and bones intact...

I'd love to see you race or something some day though. I like watching boys do the dangerous stuff (the grown up ones that is).

Matthew said...

I've really got to make it out to one of his races. Looks like so much fun.