Monday, November 2, 2009

Cyclocross Pics

Being the end of October it was a costume race. Nate went as a hula girl, courtesy of his mom's costume stash. Somewhat to my surprise most of the men wore feminine costumes. There was a cheerleader, pink bathrobe and curlers, ballerina and others. Slightly disturbing overall. But funny...
Wrecked and lost the skirt a quarter of the way through the first lap
A friend of ours, Don, dressed as a hillbilly
Joshua went up to him before the race started and said "I see you are dressed as a farmer" He was duly corrected.
The caveman is the only other competitor in Nate's class, gender and age group
His name is Jess McCloud and Nate is scheming to convince him to race in a kilt, I think because he wants to wear one and would like the company
Good thing little boys have grandmas to provide them with lots of snacks on such occasions ;)

Watching the second race
I had to leave before the third race because of a tired Joshy. Nate got a few pics.
I think Bear was the only one wearing a costume in this group. Captain Pistis (pistis is the name of their cycling team).


Matthew said...

Looks like some dang good times. I hope everybody had fun. Do you know how Bear did in the standings?

Momma Bug said...

That Nate!

What a guy - he's game for anything:-)

Fun pictures!

princessmama said...

Matthew, I think Nate said for this race he finished tenth of twelve. Don't quote me on it though. And I don't know his overall score for the year.

Momma Bug, :-) He sure is. Even he had second thoughts though when he was the first to show up in costume. He was so relieved when Jess showed up as a caveman :)