Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Outreach Pics

We didn't actually take pictures once the people started flowing by, but we did get a few pics of costumes and setting up the canopy etc.
Me and my highlander--
Bear and Danita getting the "encouraging words" booth ready
Don and Danita came as the king and queen representing the King of Kings. I wish I had a pic of the full get-up :)
Tracy was my pirate buddy. Treasure hunters!
Elizabeth, Zach, and Lydia
The pirates hanging out together. Apparently Nate kept trying to get a candid and we kept walking away. The trials of being a photographer *sigh*
Special thanks goes out to Matt (sorry it's to the back of your head;) and Emily (who's pic I do not have) for all your hard work setting this whole thing up!
Enjoying our Heavenly Daddies touch before we get started.

We handed out lots of candy, hot chocolate and cider. Told lots of people how much the King of Kings, Jesus loves them, saw many faces light up in the encouraging words tent. Saw two physical healings. Enjoyed marvelous fellowship with one another. And spread a lot of Light around. Good times :)

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Matthew said...

Hey look! Its those aweful christian types shoving their beliefs down other peoples throats!! Oh, wait, its just a bunch of Jesus lovers sharing the love. They're all right. Glad you had fun, it was a blast for me too!