Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow, Cute boys, and Chickens

This fence happens to be the beginning of my new rose garden, a valentine's gift from my hubby! The deer always eat my roses to the ground and they die (no fences or dogs), so Nate decided to fence a spot behind the herb garden for me to plant roses:)
We got three or four inches of snow(big deal around here:) and it broke several of our plum trees :( They were kind of sad anyway, needing pruning and all.

In the veggie garden...

Busy boy

Raccoons (maybe our chicken killers)


PeriwinkleHe kept gleefully throwing himself down in the snow:) (this is day two of the snow-it had partially melted, but there was still just enough to play in)

Joshua's hen--he is very proud of the eggs she lays:)

"We are NOT going in the snow--now, will you please get out of the way so we can dash back inside?"
Cute couple

Our boss rooster "Gimpy", a bantam cochin. He came to us free last summer along with a couple of hens and four chicks. He looks like sometime his leg was broken and it healed wrong, so he limps quite badly. Fortunately for him our big roo is a big "chicken" and doesn't challenge him.
Snow boy:)
Sweet smile

We wandered farther and farther up the hill looking for more animal tracks (found a few coons and some deer) and Papa came looking for us :)


LindaFaye said...

The animal tracks are so cool. :)

SarahS said...

They are fun:) We always go out hoping to find more than deer tracks since we See the deer all the time, but don't often see the other critters