Friday, February 11, 2011

Down By The River

We enjoyed a wonderful family outing in the sunshine the other day...

Note the very convenient bit of driftwood stuck in the sand by the river's edge

Skipping stone

Shadows on stones
A bit of new green
A fun hiding spot

Very tall queen anne's lace

The sun sparkling on water has to be one of the best sights in the world. I love water, I'm so grateful we live next to a river, and countless streams, and only two hours from the ocean!!

See that patch of red clay up on the bluff there? That's the back side of our place :) Joshua goes, "What! I had no idea it was so high! No wonder you don't want me getting close to the edge." Hmm. Hopefully he'll remember that next time we're up there, Lol!
I have pictures of the bridge from up there. I don't remember if I've posted them here
Sun over the bridge...
Then it was off to get our van from the shop and spend the last half hour or so of sunlight at the park. Then Nate went to drill and the boys and I went home for an mellow evening:)

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