Friday, February 4, 2011


(I Love this last one :)
My dear "baby" boy is turning 7 this month. Seven. Can you tell by all the missing teeth? It's happy and sad all at once, this watching your kids grow up business. It's wonderful to watch them growing up, getting to be big and responsible and independant and all. It's sad because I miss their little selves.
I really enjoyed this account of their morning's play. I loved watching Brannon's expressions as he listened to his brother's account (and amazingly enough didn't try to take over the story-- growing up:)


LindaFaye said...

Ah... My little one is still 2. I know the "cute" days are passing... Oh, what will tomorrow hold?!
Your boy is quite handsome, by the way!

SarahS said...

Thank you Linda :)