Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some Photos For Your Enjoyment...And Mine :)

Do you see the boy in the apple tree?

Climbing trees in our pajamas, that's a new one.
My lovely pumpkin "Fairy Tale"

A silly rooster

The three girls, hanging out in the sun
The squirrels are incredibly busy around here, must be fall
A blackberry blossom in October?


fawndear said...

Loving your photographs. Especially pajamas in the tree.

sparkliestar said...

very pretty:)

Matthew said...

I never knew onions were so pretty before they became tasty. Very nice and fun pics!

princessmama said...

That's my fav too, fawndear :)

Thanks sparkliestar, I've been loving the cute diapers and covers you've been posting.

Thanks Matt, J left a few of his onions in the ground so he could get seeds. That's one of his blossoms.

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