Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inspired by Friends

Today I had the privilege of hearing a friend describe an encounter with God in which he had asked God for a new way to praise Him and give Him glory. A way to touch a part of God's heart that had never been touched before. God's answer was to show him that every time we speak, something is created that was not there before. We speak the same words of praise we have lifted up a thousand times before and yet our voices create something entirely new, and we touch a piece of God's heart that has never been touched before.

From John 14: "The Father who resides in me crafts each word into a divine act"

Another friend wrote about this encounter and added to it her own encounter with God and the prayers that came out of it. As I read her writings about praise, and nature, and creativity I was struck suddenly by the simple majestic beauty of what we as wives and mothers do for our families every day.

Folding the same clothes, washing the same dishes, sweeping the same floors. Preparing the same meals, washing the same little faces. In partnership with our King every single act is brand new every single time. An act of service and worship combined. "God knows that we are limited in our abilities, yet He chooses to take that which we are able to offer over and over again and reorganize it. He gives it new inspiration and new levels of detail. When we are alone with Him, He creates right through us. It is not what we say that creates His Glory, but what God tells us. It is not what we offer, but what God offers through us..." (J.M.)

God, please create in me an awareness of the wonder of creating with You in every mundane moment of the day. Help me to keep my eyes fixed on You, never wavering in my goal to glorify You in every area of my life. You are so astonishingly vast God, I love it, there is no end to You and no end to what You can accomplish in a willing heart. I love you Daddy!! Thank you for continually speaking to me. Thank you for your unending love. :)

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